Locandro Group is an organisation which offers a unique proposition to the market.  Designed and developed as a boutique group, our focus and knowledge is on the ability to transcend each of the most important facets of any development project, with authority and strong capability.

The group’s ability to understand and assist in the development, construction and sale of any project, is a result of the understanding and active involvement in each of these sectors, by its founder and Managing Director, Dominic Locandro. No single company can offer the such a unique specialists knowledge for every part of a project of an apartment as we do. Whilst many may manage and consult – we actually do. We are project managers, we are sales agents, we are corporate advisers, we are construction superintendents, we are development managers, we are leasing agents and we are project marketers.

Through the operation of our two sister companies; Locandro Project Management & The Apartment Specialists – we are actively involved on a daily basis in the sale, management, construction, design & development of various residential and commercial projects.